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Protect from Script Injections

Protecting your WordPress site is vital. To make your site robust, you need to protect it from script injections and prevent any kind of modification in your PHP scripts.

Protect from Malicious URL Requests

It is seen that most hackers send malicious request to attack the security loopholes of your website. It is important to protect your site from any such vulnerability.

Prevent Easy WP Admin Access

We make it difficult for anybody to access your wp-admin section.

Updating plugins and Themes

Outdated plugins and themes are the favorite areas through which the hackers try to get in. You site should always remain updated with plugins and themes.

Remove Google Attack Page Warning

Google displays 'Attack Page' if your site has malicious code. Google does this for safe browsing. If no action is taken then Google can blacklist your site. We can help you to remove this 'Attack Page' warning from your site.

Prevent Directory Browsing

If you type '' in your browser's address bar, you will be able to see all the files in that particular directory. This is good for any hackers as they can see the files and access them easily. This is a big security threat for your website. We are there to help you prevent any such threat.

Protect .htaccess and wp-config file

The .htaccess and wp-config file are the two most important files for your site security. It is always advisable to use them in most effective way to protect your site.