Laura Lee says

"It was such a pleasure to work with your designers and developers. They not only created designs that fit our needs but also created solutions that we didn't originally envision. The result was something much better than our original concept"

Primoz says

"Hey, my name is Primoz from I have found Simayaa through the designs they have made on the internet. They have made the design for my webpage and successfully integrated it into wordpress. Their services were punctual and at a very good price for value. What I enjoyed the most were the frequent updates and that all of my requests and wishes were attended quickly and efficiently. The customer service especially was A+!"

Preston Graves says

"We hired Simayaa primarily due to their prompt reply to our inquiry and fair price. With an impressive enough portfolio I was at ease enough to hiring them to design my site. Luckily I did as this project quickly grew, and he was very useful the entire way. Took alittle longer than we had hoped, but WE kept adding requests, so we are partly to blame. We were within budget, and near our desired launch day. We will be using them again for any design work going forward. I would highly recommend Simayaa Technologies both for first time web-site builders or enterprise looking for a quality and affordable web designer."

David says

"Design Simplified. Everything was completed seamlessly and efficiently as possible. If any problems arose, they were sorted without contention. Would gladly recommend them to anybody I know that needs a beautiful layout for their website. Perfect for small businesses and individuals with not much money that need a layout for their site that will increase conversations and make their site more attractive to the search engines"

Nadia says

"Simanta and Simayaa Technologies has been a great help to me developing a beautiful ezine for my new business. He worked closely with me in every step of the process, patiently explained the difficult aspects of web development in ways that were easy for me to understand, and offered enthusiastic and useful suggestions based on my intentions for the design. I am extremely grateful to work with Simanta and I plan to continue working with him in the future."

Matt says

"Working with Simanta has been an excellent experience. I found him to be thorough and professional, with an intuitive understanding of what I wanted for my project. He knew how to meet my needs economically, and he never failed to solve the hiccups along the way. Fantastic customer service!"

Steven says

"Simayaa has a rare and wonderful team. They work together from design to development to make sure everything is exactly as you want it."

Andrew says

"Consider yourself lucky to have found Simayaa. After working together for over a year I still feel that way."

Ben says

"Communication, service and friendly attitude were the best that a person can expect. I get them all from these guys at CSS Rockers. Thank you."

Brandon says

"Your service and communication on my Wordpress project was excellent. I rate you 5 out of 5. Keep up the good work."

Christian says

"Your html/css developers created our website exactly like the designs. You were quick and very detail oriented. I will definitely come back for every design that I need developed, without hesitation!"

Cole says

"I had an urgent project and need the job done over a night. I contacted CSS Rockers and forwarded them the project very late at night. In the next morning, I am amazed to see the complete job in my inbox. Later checked their coding and I was really impressed with their professionalism and quality of work."

Chris says

"You people rock with XHTML coding. You use very clean and well documented codes which makes my life as a developer easier. I will be using your services more often. Good Luck!!!"

Mark says

"I had very painful experiences earlier while outsourcing my projects. So initially I was little reluctant to award my project to them. So I let them work on one of my side project and to my wonder they did excellently well. The coding structure was really good and above all they delivered the work in a very short span of time. From then, I become their regular customer."

Will says

"I am a freelance developer and sometimes get swamped with cutup jobs. So I was in search of a reliable outsourcing partner who can do excellent job on my projects at a fair price without taking much of my time. Then I came across CSS Rockers site. I awarded one of my projects to test their service and soon started to forward all my cutup jobs on their way. The reason for using them regularly… 1. Quality Coding 2. Good English communication, which was the main problem in my earlier projects with other providers 3. Fair pricing. They provide me discounts for being their regular customers and 4. Attention to detail work which save my time a lot."

Benjamin says

"Very convenient and easy to work with CSS Rockers team. They really rock."

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