General Questions

1How am I going to benefit from your web services?

Our services are custom made to suit your purposes. With our structured pricing plans and fast turnaround, you will know exactly what will be delivered, when it will be delivered and how much it will cost.

Our services will benefit designers, developers, small and medium enterprises who are unfamiliar with modern website development techniques; need relief from heavy workloads or have specific technical requirements, for example cross browser compatibility or SEO friendly HTML structure.

2What do you need from me to start the work?

We need PSD (Photoshop) file of the page to start the work.
If you need to provide us any project-specific instructions, then please note it down in the PSD file. You can also mention them in the special notes in the order now page. We will follow those instructions while converting the page.

Please, provide any project specific specification up-front, so that we can plan your project accordingly. If there is any change in the specifications then it will affect the deadline as well as on the cost of the project.

Please, provide the font files if you're using any custom or special fonts.

3Can I submit any other file format apart from PSD?

Yes. We take PNG, AI, and even existing markup as source files. Just don't forget to provide the font files if any special fonts are used.

4How will I send you my files?

It's very simple. Please, go to our order now page and send your files to us.

5What features am I going to get with your services?

  • 100% Hand written table-less CSS based code
  • Pixel-perfect conversion
  • W3C Validation
  • Cross Browser / Platform Compatibility (IE6+, FF2+, Safari2+, Opera9+, Google Chrome)
  • Search engine friendly /Semantic coding

If you have any specific requirements then please let us know upfront.

6How will you deliver my files?

We will zip your files and will send it through mail. If you want we can also upload the files in our server and will provide you a link to download the files.

7How much do you charge for your services?

Basically, for the XHTML conversion service we charge by page. Please, refer Order Now page to know more about it.

We want to help with our services to all type of clients whether small, big or freelancer and so provide custom pricing to suit your budget. Contact our sales department to know more about it.

8Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do. We provide discounts to our returning clients or if you provide bulk orders.

9What is your payment procedure?

We prefer upfront payment for our new clients. But if you are a regular client then we have a custom payment procedure for you to smooth your cash flow.

10How do you take payments?

We prefer PayPal because it's easy. We also accept major credit cards.

11Do you provide refund if I am not 100% happy?

We provide 100% refund if we miss deadline or if you are not satisfied with our services. But it does not generally happen as we provide individual attention to your projects so that we do not miss out anything.

Please, check our refund policy here:

12What steps do you take for my privacy?

We respect your privacy more than you do. We do not talk about our clients to anybody and if you want we can also sign NDA to protect your privacy.

13What is your working schedule?

Our working schedule is Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (IST).

14Do you work on weekends?

We are generally off on weekends. But we can do it for you in weekends if you are in a strict deadline. But in that case we charge extra.

Special Requests

3What if I need a good content writer for my website? Do you help me find one?

We can surely assist you in developing quality content for your website. We have a separate team of talented content writers. You can check their work here:

Technical Questions

1What browsers and platforms do you check your work?

All our markup codes are W3C standards and we check our work in all the major browsers. The team checks the work in IE7+, FF2+, Safari2+, Opera9+ and Google Chrome.

As platforms are concerned we check our work in smaller and bigger monitor resolutions to make sure our work is displayed perfectly . We also check our work in iPad and major mobile devices depending on the project demands.

2What font replacement technique do you use?

We generally use Cufon and siFr. Please, let us know if you have any other preferences.

3Do you use @font-face?

Yes we do.

4Can you implement graphic text effects in HTML?

Yes we can surely make graphic text effects in HTML but in that case it will be an image and not HTML texts. Those effects (gradients, shadows) are not achievable through HTML texts.

5What if I send you a flattened PSD file for conversion?

We can surely convert a flattened PSD file. The reason for asking a layered PSD is that it makes easier to select fonts. If you have to provide a flattened PSD then please make sure that you suggest us which fonts to use for HTML texts.

6Do you have any experience in working in mobile sites or apps?

Yes we have worked on lot of mobile sites and apps.

7Do you have any experience in working in FBML or Facebook apps ?

Yes we have worked on FBML or Facebook apps.

8What CMS do you use?

We have mostly worked in open source CMS, Wordpress, Joomla etc.

9Do you have any experience of working in custom plugins for Wordpress?

Yes we have. Our team has developed more than 100 custom plugins which helped our clients to use the Admin area much more easily.

10Do you assist in integrating the theme in my server?

Yes we will definitely integrate the theme into your server and will make sure that it is working perfectly there.

11Do you work only in open-source CMS?

Not exactly. We have worked in custom CMS. We have also worked in Adobe Business Catalyst.

12Do you have any experience of working in any framework?

Yes we have experience in working in HTML and PHP frameworks. In PHP, we have worked in cakePHP and CodeIgniter framework.


1What is the concept of Turnkey Web designer or PHP programmer?

The concept is very simple. Web designers or developers will work exclusively for you as if they are your in-house designers or developers. You will be the only client for whom they will work dedicatedly and you can assign them task at your will and priorities.

2Why should I go for Turnkey models?

The Turnkey models are very cost effective than traditional project outsourcing. Moreover, you will also get skilled manpower with varied technical expertise level.

This model is designed for small and medium enterprises who need skillful manpower from whom they can get allround performances within a stipulated budget. Presently, we have 3 Turnkey models: Turnkey Web Designer , Turnkey CMS Expert and Turnkey PHP Expert .

3What if I need a good content writer for my website? Do you help me find one?

We can surely assist you in developing quality content for your website. We have a separate team of talented content writers. You can check their work here:

4What skills set can I expect from a Turnkey Web designer?

Please, check the Turnkey Web Designer page and you will get all the answers.

5What are the benefits of having a full-time designer or programmer?

There are lots of benefits. Below are some of them:

  • No infrastructure investments and associated overhead
  • Project costs are easier to manage
  • Reduces development costs to 30% versus traditional project outsourcing
  • Provides strategic value and operational efficiency
  • Skilled manpower with varied technical expertise
  • Can use the resource in different projects at your will and priorities
  • Direct ownership of manpower
  • You own all intellectual copyrights of the work done by our dedicated resource
  • Improved ROI (Return on Investments)

6What if I am not fully convinced and want to test your service before hiring a full-time designer or programmer?

You should always test the services of the organisation before investing money on it. We like to be transparent with all our clients and so we have a "Paid Test Drive" service for our clients, where they can test the service before deciding to hire a resource. Simply, contact our sales to get started with the Test Drive.